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One of the foremost Niger Delta Youth activists, Chief Vincent Oyibode has released the Provisional Screening and Clearance Certificate of the frontline gubernatorial aspirant in Delta State, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori.

Oyibode while addressing newsmen on Sunday said he took the decision in order to clear the air despite plans to keep everything under wrap so the naysayers could continue to fool themselves while Oborevwvori continue his journey to Denis Osadebey House in 2023.

He passed the PDP clearance certificate to newsmen around for proper verification of its authenticity, explaining that what is happening today is not unusual because, in the field of play in a football match, the man with the ball is always the subject of attack by other players.

‘’So I am not worried that Sheriff Oborevwori is being attacked from left, right and centre. Ordinarily, we the sheriffied family wouldn’t have bothered ourselves to join issues with those publishing a private document issued some aspirants to show satisfactory clearance from the party that one is eligible and qualified to contest for the gubernatorial primary of the PDP later this month.

“It is so childish some people are brandishing clearance certificates as some form of achievement or even victory in the election whereas, at the end of the day, only one person will win. We, of the Sheriff’s family, did not consider this private document to be anything to celebrate and make noise over.

‘’However, in other to set the record straight and shame the enemies of progress, I wish to inform all meaning Deltans that Rt Hon Sheriff O, F Oborevwori was the first to collect his screening clearance certificate. Our focus was not to publish it in the media as some are doing.

“The mischievous politicians know that the Sheification project has swallowed their dreams since this is God’s own Project. Anyone fighting against the destiny of any man after God’s heart is fighting against God.

‘’Those who created fake certificates on social media to the extent of inserting the name of the God-chosen Governor come 2023 in any certificate of clearance, their barbaric blackmail has been laid to rest.

“One of my joys is that none of the elements with criminal intent to rubbish Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori has doubted the authenticity of Hon sheriff’s certificate.

“Those who knew him long ago can testify that the name Francis is the same as Sheriff even though he had maintained Francis more in silence than in use. If the evil plotters know anybody bearing Francis Oborevwori whose certificate is missing, let him simply speak out.

‘’My strong advice to mischief makers who are looking for cheap popularity is that they should be focused on their ill-fated ambition or better still they should drop their own ambition and join the Oborevwori movement to Government House come 2023. Those who seek to destroy Sheriff because he is the favoured one should understand that killing Abel did not make Cain the chosen one. However, this

‘’Abel’’ has refused to be killed. Those who are running mad because Sheriff Oborevwori is favoured from above should rather close ranks with him so we can sail together. PDP is one family, the way some people are driving their ambition is too devilish and backward.

‘’Deltans have decided to follow Sheriff Oborevwori. What we all clamoured for is Delta Central Governor, Sheriff is from Delta central, an Urhobo Son. It will be wise for Urhobo people to thank other senatorial districts for supporting one of our own. The selfish spirit of me, myself alone must stop, the spirit of pulling him down cannot work.

“Sheriff is Urhobo paternally and maternally, I don’t know who is more Urhobo than Sheriff. He has no blood link to anywhere outside Urhobo.

I want to call on all delegates to be sheriffied, Delta state is for us all, nobody should claim superiority above others. Okowa should be appreciated for allowing the unwritten rotational bargain to stand.

Now that issues of irregularities in credentials are over, mischief-makers should please join sheriff for a better and united Delta”, Oyibode added

He emphasized that the same blackmailers earlier published that the sheriff was an ex-convict between year 2000- 2004, the period of his first-degree program, adding that having failed in making any headway with that, they have devised another means to get him out of the race.

“Number 23 vs 8 says how shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? or how shall I defy, whom the LORD hath not defied Delegates be wise, Delta State is not a one-man business, Governorship is for all Deltans”, Oyibode said.