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The form was collected on his behalf by members of his coalition group at about 1 pm.

Fielding questions from 9News Nigeria Correspondents at the Wadata House of the party, Madam Christina Uzo-Okamgba, one of the women leaders present said there was an urgent need to rescue Nigeria from imminent collapse occasioned by the clear inefficiency of the present administration.

She lamented the inexcusable decay being experienced in almost all the sectors of our economy and the incompetence and the cluelessness of the party in government.

She stated that a situation where education has totally collapsed, electricity upside down, fuel scarcity back into our system was most unacceptable to Nigerians, and as such, there was the dire need to urgently rescue our nation from the evil hands of the APC.

Speaking in his Office shortly after the collection of the form, Senator Anyim assured all his supporters that he would not disappoint them. He noted that the support he had been receiving from his coalition groups has been his source of strength and courage to forge ahead.

He said by the time his administration must have spent one year in office, every Nigerian would have started seeing the much-desired changes.