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I was at the inauguration ceremony of the APC Delta State held yesterday at the APC State Secretariat and in my capacity as Chairman, Ndokwa Nation APC family was part of the activities for the day from begining to the end as we retired to Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme residence for good meal.

Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi while addressing members present said APC Delta State will defeat PDP in Delta State come 2023 because there’s no rigging plans that PDP will spring up that himself Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi don’t know. According to Nwaoboshi, the battle has started. It’s total war. Not the war involving the use of firearm’s, PDP will have themselves to be blame should they try to instigate or initiate violence during the elections.

There is no ambiguity in this statement from our Most Distinguished Senator Sen Peter Nwaoboshi so I found the attack by PDP by one Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza as a confirmation that PDP is actually banking on rigging and determined to sponsor violence during the election if not our leader was just encouraging us to face the voters education seriously to win more DELTANS who are already willing to join APC to rescue Delta State from the misrule of PDP poor leadership in running the affairs of the state in terms of providing Deltans Good Governance.

The press release was misdirected because there was nothing in the first place to constitute a content for a press release judging by the clear statement made by Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi asking APC new State leadership and members in attendance to see the forthcoming General Elections as war and we should put on all war gadgets which is full scale engagement and mobilization of voters to think APC and nothing more.

Just to put the records straight, Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi cannot be a liability to any Political Party formation having served as State Secretary and State Chairman of PDP in the time past. The statement he made was on the strength of his full Knowledge of how Elections are conducted in Delta State which remains an advantage to All Proressives Congress APC family to the detriment of PDP in forthcoming General Elections.

Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi outside being a foundation member of PDP, did struggled to ensure the actualization of ANIOMA GOVERNOR Agenda which Gov. Okowa is now enjoying, such a skilful and diligent hand in politics of Delta State cannot be a liability but an ASSET as there’s no case of anti party press against Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi while enjoying PDP membership because is knowledgeable enough to maintain boundaries.

There’s a difference between Legislative activities at National Assembly from Party activities hence in the 8th Senate we had APC, Senate President and PDP, Deputy Senate President.

On the issue of indictment from the NDDC Audit Report, PDP is not a prosecuting agency so they should leave that to the agency charged to implement the audit report, PDP should not cry more than the bereaved.

It is childish on the part of PDP to believe that PDP must remain in OSADEBE HOUSE beyond 2023, Politics is Dynamic, merger of legacy Political Parties in. 2014 masterminded by Buhari and Tinubu defeated PDP after 16 years stronghold in the center, Edo State now PDP, Oyo State now PDP, both states were APC controlled States before now.

This press release from PDP State Publicity Secretary is a further confirmation that Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi speaking on rigging plot of PDP for the 2023 General Elections was doing that from an advantage point of knowledge which has unsettled PDP to begin to loose her grounds unknowingly, truly Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi has shown by his well selected and presented statement without any form of ambiguity as a master strategist.

Finally, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza should know that some men enjoy GRACE to be an institution, Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi is an institution in our Delta State Politcs as a game changer.

Dr. Ossai Sylvanus Annantram
Ndokwa Nation APC family.