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Delta State Commissioner for Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu on Thursday said Governor Ifeanyi Okowa remains irrevocably committed to working to better the lives of Deltans till the last day of his administration.

Addressing a news conference at his office in Asaba, Aniagwu said the politics of 2023 would not deter the governor and his administration from delivering more infrastructural development, wealth creation and peace and security for Deltans and residents of the state.

The Commissioner who was reacting to certain unsubstantiated reports in the social media said that the state government would not be distracted by such reports ahead of the 2023 general elections.

He commended the media for their objectivity in reporting and urged social media practitioners to learn from their colleagues in the conventional media by being professional according to the tenets of journalism.

According to him, we have seen the gymnastics happening in the social media but by the grace of God we are delivering on those different policy platforms and promises on which we campaigned with in 2015 and 2019.

“At the end of 2023 when we will be exiting as an administration, we would be confident to say that we have delivered on employment generation and wealth creation, improvement in infrastructure and adding value to the social fabrics that binds us together as a state.

“A number of individuals who would have wished that as an administration that we moved in a certain direction are feeling that we have moved in another direction even when we have not announced that we have moved in any direction.

“And as such because they cannot attack us on the issue of infrastructure and because they cannot attack us on the promises that we have made because nobody will believe them, they are now engaged in propaganda.

“As I have said before, up to May 28th 2023, we will stay focused as an administration and continue to inaugurate projects.

“We will continue to keep faith with the promises that we have made to our people both in 2015 and 2019 and because they do know that our achievements are very visible and laudable, they are not able to take us on the issues of delivery on the promises we have made.

“If you go to the social media you see issues of sentiments and not related to governance where people write in the direction that they have chosen.

“We will stay focused in spite of these different attacks and to let those who are writing that they first of all look at themselves whether they are writing for the good of the state or their paid to just write for writing sake.

“As an administration we would stay focused with the issues that we have canvassed right from 2015 up to the present day and indeed up till 2023, the end of time of this administration.” Aniagwu stated.