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Nana Kazaure, LP Campaign Spokes Person

In an interview on AIT during Kakaaki program, Nana Kazaure, spokesperson, Obi/Datti presidential campaign council, said that it is ok for other parties to do what they want to do but for Labour Party, it is not about tokenism.

She made the statement when she was asked about how did Labour Party come about female spokesperson because it is kind of new and also if LP share idea of Women’s PC since they have over a thousand women in their PCC.

Nana Kazaure began by saying that, “what Peter Obi has done is to ensure that from the inception of his candidacy for president he has already incorporated women and that shows how progressive he is and how he is very firm on women and youths inclusion.”

Nana Kazaure disclosed that in the LP presidential campaign council, they have over a thousand women and the party has women running for electable offices and that as she speaks, they have 4 women coming out for senate, 12 running for the house of rep and 1 in Rivers state running for governor.

On the issue, if Labour party shared the same narrative with other parties that have women Presidential Council and have more numbers of women specifically for specific roles.

“This is a democracy, everybody is entitled to how they run their campaign. Peter Obi is not all about tokenism. So it’s a very plane ground for both men and women. It is ok for other parties to do what they want to do. Like I said, it’s about creating level plane ground, creating the same level of opportunities for women, men and youths.”