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Former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega, has expressed worry over the monetization of politics in the country, noting however that it is not enough to give electoral victory.

Speaking during the National Working Committee of the PRP yesterday in Abuja, at the weekend, the party chieftain admonished that in real democratic societies, only integrity, truth, confidence and support of the masses can Win elections.

He was confident that the PRP will make significant impact in next year’s election.

He said: “We have to work assiduously towards the success of our great party. It is not money that wins election. Although in this country it appears it is now on the front burner in winning election.”

The former vice chairman charged members of PRP to unite and work together in order to emerge victorious.

While expressing confidence in the presidential flag bearer of PRP, Kola Abiola, he noted that he will win the contest going on his pedigree and accomplishments.

The former head of the nation’s electoral umpire added: “This is a very important meeting organised by stakeholders of the party. I feel very happy that I have been invited to be part of this meeting.

“Yes, our chairman has indicated in his opening remarks that unity is strength. Our party is the oldest party presently in this country.

“It is also the party with the best vision and ideology. So, it is a party whose time has come.

“I am very glad to see that we have chosen a very patriotic and intellectually sound Nigeria as our presidential candidate.

“We have also chosen the vice presidential candidate. He is also vibrant and professional.

“This is the time for the party to make a significant impact in this country. What is required is the unity of party members. We have to remain united and we have to give it out all.

“What you will need to win an election clearly is to gain the truth, confidence and support of the electorate. And we are capable of winning the trust of the electorate.

“We will meet them. We will convince them. So, we have individual and collective responsibility to give our best and promote our candidates, our party manifesto and to ensure that we gain the trust of our candidates,” he said.

In his remark, Abiola warned Nigerians against recycling old and expired politicians who have nothing more positive to contribute to the nation’s wellbeing.

According to him, such are “politicians who come from poisoned trees.”

He said: “It is about time we stopped recycling fruits from a poisoned tree. A lot of politicians come from a poisoned tree and most people from poisoned tree are recycled.

“We are coming in as fresh people and fresh government. And that is what Nigeria needs because they have done it and they have failed.”