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Delta state PDP publicity secretary, Mr Ifeanyi Osuoza has debunked in strong terms the APC spread rumours against the development projects of his party spread across the lenght and breath of the state as fake.

Mr Osuoza in a statement, took the swipe against the back drop of an online publication with the headline: “223,000 Direct Jobs: Delta APC blast Okowa, says it’s disingenuous attempt at scoring cheap political points … they are mostly political appointees, aides, and Keke riders”

The state’s publicity scribed said the news attributed to one Ebata Onojeghuo Esqr is laughable and one of those deliberate actions of “pull him down syndrome” of the opposition spreading distorted information to deceive the people to gain chief political points.

He descibed the oppostion’s outburst as destructive, devious and silly stunt to trick and mischieviously mislead undecerning minds to believe its lies, adfing that it is actually the opposition’s attempt to score cheap political points

According the Mr Osuoza, these facts and truth of the achievements of Senator Okowa’s PDP led administration speak for itself which are,
that the PDP administration has created no fewer than13,510 new youth entrepreneurs from previously unemployed or underemployed youths through skills training, retraining, mindset reorientation, entrepreneurship training, startup and working capital support.

He said, in seven years, the Okowa government has created 223,905 direct jobs through multi-faceted programmes and initiatives in skills development, skills upgrading, entrepreneurship training, enterprise microcredit, livelihood sustenance, business support grants, market linkage support, and public service jobs placement.

It has created 1,325,750 indirect jobs arising from ancillary and multiplier effects of public infrastructure works, Public Private Partnership (PPP) investments, sector-specific programmes, community-level and local government-level projects and youth empowerment grants and related programmes.

He reiterated that the Delta state PDP job creation model is novel, upright, decent, reliable and verifiable and advised the opposition to be constructive is its criticism adfing that the ruling PDPgovernment is averse to criticism.