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“Anybody that uses human being for this election shall fail. It is time for God to have his way, we have suffered enough”, the founder of Flock of Christ Mission, Bishop Dr. Simeon Okah, has said.

Bishop Okah, who is the immediate past Vice President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CAN), South-south zone, urged the Church to be fully involve in politics with the fear of God.

He made the statement during a prayer session, which was held at the headquarters of Flock of Christ Mission, Warri, on Monday September 12th 2022, organized by Pastors Forum for Sustainable Development.

The body is anchored by Bishop Dr. Jude Akhere, Senior Pastor of Pasture of Life Christian Assembly, Asaba, the state capital.

Bishop Okah, who is the host of ‘Christ Flock World Convention’, an annual event where Christians from all around the world gather together to celebrate God’s awesomeness and power in a glorious manner, disclosed that the prayer was “organized for the success of your (Gbagi) governorship ambition in the forthcoming general elections as well as for peace and stability in the state.”

He said: “Your Excellency, Chief Gbagi, don’t forget, the purpose of today’s meeting is for you”, he reaffirmed.

Bishop Dr. Okah, the first television Pastor who took his reading from
1Sam 10:1, said Prophet Samuel, anointed King Saul, to rule over Israel.

“It shows the power that we carry. Saul, was anointed as king. Let me give you prophesy, this time we shall not fail. We will stand behind the right person.

This time we shall do it right. With what I am seeing, I am going to see this change before I go”.

According to him, “Patience is the battery that keeps faith running. Where they rejected you, you are going back to that place.

‘We pray that God gives you favour and you will not fail the Church. By the grace of God, this time, we will not err, we will do what we can do and the ones we cannot do, we will leave it for God.

“For the election 2023, this is the first call on Pastors. We can no more keep quiet, if we do, God will hold us responsible. The politicians cannot change this nation, it is the church”, he declared.

Tired of failed electioneering, political promises and the challenges bedeviling the state and the need to move it forward, as the 2023 elections draws closer, clerics from across the state have prayed for Nigeria especially Delta State for unity, peace, progress, selfless leaders and good governance in 2023.

The prayer session became more fervent when the Spiritual Father of St. Lazarus Christ Church, Otor-Ewu, Ughelli south local government area of the state, Archbishop Jonathan Arhawanrien, mounted the podium to take his section.

Archbishop Arhawanrien, who has travelled far and wide in the course of preaching the gospel, lamented the sorry state, poor infrastructures and bad governance in Delta State.

He prayed God to give the state leaders particularly the governor that would deliver the state from the present bondage the current crop of leaders have placed it

Hear him: “God, give us a man who will change the lives of Deltans. Delta State and Nigeria are in pains, Oh God arise and save our youths and children.

“The only employment in Delta State, is tricycle operation. They are even more than human beings. Anybody that wants to come to power who is not ready to think of the Church, Jehovah, don’t allow them.

“We are in a nation, pensioners are dying everyday and government officials are flying around everywhere. Father in 2023, from Senate, House of Assembly and House of Representatives, God give us a man after your heart.

“Every fake promise and political manipulation will not work in 2023. Any political manipulation that the right people will not enter unless bad people, they will not succeed.

“Any manipulator including INEC officials who wants to manipulate Delta State election in 2023, may they sleep and never wake up. God, fight for Delta State and Nigeria”.

According to him, “When I was praying in Israel, God told me that instead of shame, he will give us double”, he revealed.

Also, the Convener of the group, Pastors Forum for Sustainable Development, anchored by Bishop Dr Jude Akhere, stated that the Forum started 12 years ago and it was the hunger for genuine leadership.

He said: “We have a say over who leads us. They saw Christianity and politics, don’t go together. I don’t know who sold that idea to the Church. That when it comes to politics, the Church should keep quiet, anybody they like they bring and anybody that comes in, the Church will now be clapping hands.

“I don’t know where that idea came from, Papa. It pains all of us that all that pastors does, is to say opening and closing prayers in functions. They have no say over who leads them and things that happens in government.

“And I think that has kept the Church where it is today and I think it is time for things to change. I don’t know about you, I must have a say over who governs me and don’t let anybody deceive you that you are no more a pastor or a christian because you came to a gathering like this, we have a say over who leads us.

“You have a right to call your local government chairman and ask questions about how he spends our money. Ladies and gentlemen, men of God, let us begin to stand and speak up” he urged.

Highpoint of the meeting was when Bishop Okah, led other ministers of the gospel and anointed Olorogun Gbagi, the leading governorship candidate in the 2023 governorship election.