Beware: Buhari is about to scam Saraki

Buhari fought Saraki for three solid years through CCT. Buhari denied Saraki of fair hearing. Even though, Buhari knew there was no thorough investigation and credible evidence, Saraki was dragged before CCT.
Buhari humiliated and vilified Saraki for three years. Now, because Supreme Court has freed Saraki from the deadly trap of Buhari and there are rumours that Saraki is about to defect from APC, Buhari has started begging Saraki to remain in the APC to work for his second term project.
Buhari doesn’t reciprocate good deeds with good deeds. Buhari has used and dumped Atiku and many other politicians in the past. Saraki should beware for Buhari is about to scam him.
North Central Youth Movement


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