In Bizarre Post, Facebook User Aniekpeno Akpan Tells Men How To Molest ‘8 To 10 years Old Girls

Posting in a Facebook forum ‘YabaLeftOnline Ward!’, Akpan wrote, unedited:

I will just look at all these 8years old girls and imagine the kind of slay girls the will be in future…

“How to molest an 8-10 yrs old girl…

“Get closer to the parent

“Get their trust

“Always buy her sweet

“Always play with their hairs when the parent are away…

Buy her sweets and lollipops

“Play porn to her

“Finger her pussy with your index finger at the start…

“Use your ring finger when you get her for about 3-4days

“Use your thumb as time goes on

“Lastly insert your cassava

“It’s a goal oooooooooooh

“Thank me when you return from jail



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